About Us

Meet Our Team

Board of Directors

Mark Sheppard, Chairperson

Warren Toay, Vice Chairperson

LaVerne Anderson, Secretary

Fallon Kelly, Director

Kent Schimke, Director

Supervisory Committee

Pamela Henningsen, Chairperson, (701) 396-7131

Gary Dathe,  (701) 535-1220

Kali Kiecker, (701) 830-0725


Jeanne Witt, CEO

Lisa Mathern, Finance/HR Manager

Julie Elijah-Barker, Operations Manager

Erika Lamb, Residential Real Estate Loan Manager

Rebekah Scallon, Consumer Loan Manager


Jayette Young, Edgeley Branch Manager, Mortgage/Consumer Lender

Jim Peterson, Ag/Commercial Lender

Rebekah Scallon, Consumer Loan Manager

Ione Knudson, Member Service Representative

Sarah Oberlander, Member Service Representative

Amy Boyer, Member Service Representative

Tana Jensen, Operations Assistant

Lisa Roehrich, Operations Assistant

Sally Caudillo, Loan Processor

Kristin Zaun, Accounting Assistant


Bridget Henning, Ellendale Branch Manager, Mortgage/Consumer Lender

Abbey Janke, Financial Services Representative/Branch Manager's Assistant

Beth Stephenson, Member Business Loan and Mortgage Loan Processor

Resa Russell, Member Service Representative

Merissa Engel, Member Service Representative


Tamra Kriedeman, Enderlin Branch Manager

Erika Lamb, Residential Real Estate Loan Manager

Christina Sprunk, Ag/Commecial Lender

Kathy Carter, Loan Processor

Savannah Christl, Member Service Representative

Rita Goltz, Member Service Representative